What’s this all about?

In late 2017/early 2018, after a few months of hell, I was diagnosed with SIBO, leaky gut, and histamine intolerance.  I was previously diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.  This blog is going to document my attempts, failures, and successes at healing my gut.

Who’s on my team?

Richard the Gastroenterologist.
He’s a run-of-the-mill consultant who didn’t bother testing me for SIBO, but did prescribe me medication when I showed him my test results at least!  The wrong medication.  I will try to keep him on my side as he can be useful.

Maev the Functional Medicine Practitioner
Maev is my superhero.  She is everything you would want – highly intelligent, diligent, studious, passionate, down to earth, and empathetic.

Sara the Therapist
Sara is a therapist who uses CBT and psychotherapy in her practice.  I started seeing her as ‘required’ by my GP’s.

The General Practitioners
My GP’s have generally made themselves my enemy.  I expected the dismissiveness, not so much the aggressive rudeness.  Unfortunately they are the ones who are signing me onto an income supplement as I am currently unable to work.  They must be appeased.

Brian the friend
Brian is my best friend, and fellow gut-sufferer.  He was diagnosed with dysbiosis, a parasite, and chronic fatigue and has been recovering very slowly for the past three+ years.  We help each other out with sharing information, ideas, and empathy.