SIBO Diagnosis

I did a lactulose breath test from Aerodiagnostics in December 2017. Prep diet, fast, blow into tubes.  You know the drill.  As below, I am methane predominant.

For those of you who don’t know, the test is looking at the hydrogen and methane levels during the small intestine phase (see bottom of 2nd image).  The levels are supposed to increase when the lactulose hits the colon (large intestine), which is normal and healthy.  We are not meant to have hardly any bacteria in our small intestines. however.


What’s this all about?

In late 2017/early 2018, after a few months of hell, I was diagnosed with SIBO, leaky gut, and histamine intolerance.  I was previously diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.  This blog is going to document my attempts, failures, and successes at healing my gut.

Who’s on my team?

Richard the Gastroenterologist.
He’s a run-of-the-mill consultant who didn’t bother testing me for SIBO, but did prescribe me medication when I showed him my test results at least!  The wrong medication.  I will try to keep him on my side as he can be useful.

Maev the Functional Medicine Practitioner
Maev is my superhero.  She is everything you would want – highly intelligent, diligent, studious, passionate, down to earth, and empathetic.

Sara the Therapist
Sara is a therapist who uses CBT and psychotherapy in her practice.  I started seeing her as ‘required’ by my GP’s.

The General Practitioners
My GP’s have generally made themselves my enemy.  I expected the dismissiveness, not so much the aggressive rudeness.  Unfortunately they are the ones who are signing me onto an income supplement as I am currently unable to work.  They must be appeased.

Brian the friend
Brian is my best friend, and fellow gut-sufferer.  He was diagnosed with dysbiosis, a parasite, and chronic fatigue and has been recovering very slowly for the past three+ years.  We help each other out with sharing information, ideas, and empathy.