And the other penguins do NOTHING.

The birds and the bees and the seals and the penguins and the chimps and the frogs.

I was going to write a blog entry about my very first trip to a strip club, and I still will, but first it's very important that I tell you that … [Read More...]

You should have been at Dragon Con.

It has been a busy few months. Which is a little like saying, “Justin Bieber’s semen is questionable.” I would like to sum up the last few months … [Read More...]

IUDs and whatnot.

Say hello to my little friend: an IUD-having atheist’s FAQ for evangelicals.

I let myself get drawn into an internet debate today. I know. I know. I know. This used to … [Read More...]

Photo by squamatologist, used with a Creative Commons 3.0 license:

What I thought I saw.

A sort of ramshackle mesa rose from the arms of the creek, its flat top cluttered but serviceable. A … [Read More...]

Header image from an original photograph by Chris Goldberg, used with a CC license.

Today I read too much about Elliot Rodger.

Then I was reading #YesAllWomen on Twitter, and then I drank some more beer and wrote some … [Read More...]

Slumming it for Sexual Chocolate

This is the story of how I slept in a parking lot for beer. About a month ago, a guy named Ray … [Read More...]


My year of things

So the other day I did that Facebook Year in Review thing. If you’re on Facebook, you can do it, … [Read More...]


Requiem for an empty locker.

This is not like it is in the movies, I think, absurdly, as Sara Mohamadeian tests whether I will … [Read More...]


In which I am a pain in the ass about mental illness, which is a pain in the ass

I was in the emergency room and a man was fingering my asshole while my boyfriend watched. “Does … [Read More...]


To the drug addict who broke into my car at Dragon Con

You don't know me. And you will never see this. I don't know if you can see this. I don't know if … [Read More...]


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