A year ago. 5/7.

Thursday. I disabled OKC's chat function not long after joining. For years, one of my biggest peeves has been people sending me "hey" or "hi" or … [Read More...]

A year ago. 4/7.

Wednesday. I've started wearing a necklace my parents gave me for my 30th birthday, months before—a small, simple round diamond in a small, simple … [Read More...]

A year ago. 3/7.

Tuesday. I spend most of the day refreshing OKC, in my browser and on my phone, and while I have … [Read More...]

A year ago. 2/7.

Monday. Less than 24 hours in. Mixed results, which I can sum up in 15 seconds of wobbly … [Read More...]

A year ago. 1/7.

Sunday. I’ve been waiting by the phone for two days. Yesterday was detox day, spent in bed with … [Read More...]

“I’m not an executive, just a writer.”

Kids get into fights about their dads. “My dad could beat up your dad!” “My dad’s smarter than your … [Read More...]

And the other penguins do NOTHING.

The birds and the bees and the seals and the penguins and the chimps and the frogs.

I was going to write a blog entry about my very first trip to a strip club, and I still will, but … [Read More...]

You should have been at Dragon Con.

It has been a busy few months. Which is a little like saying, “Justin Bieber’s semen is … [Read More...]

IUDs and whatnot.

Say hello to my little friend: an IUD-having atheist’s FAQ for evangelicals.

I let myself get drawn into an internet debate today. I know. I know. I know. This used to … [Read More...]

Photo by squamatologist, used with a Creative Commons 3.0 license:

What I thought I saw.

A sort of ramshackle mesa rose from the arms of the creek, its flat top cluttered but serviceable. A … [Read More...]


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